The Art of Being Perfect

galahI looked at my painting, noticing that no, in real life, galahs do not have a blue tinge to their feathers.

As I reached for the black paint I took a second to think.

  • Why am I trying to be perfect, imitating every scene without a mistake?
  • Is there a reason for this? Are we conditioned to thinking that being perfect is the ultimate goal?

I don’t believe we should aim for perfection.

My paintings wouldn’t ‘POP’ if I used the exact colours.

They would blend into the Australian background, like the animals do; a mixture of greens and browns. This galah would have grey feathers.

It would be so boring if we all stayed between the lines and didn’t test the boundaries. There would be no excitement and no motivation to try something new.

Do you challenge yourself to do things you want, instead of what seems right in the eyes of perfection? Tell me in the comments!

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